What do I tell people who ask me, “What is fibromyalgia?”

I have an image of the nervous system that I show people, and I say, “I have chronic pain because of global dysfunction of these nerves…,”and I explain that nerves affect every part and system of the body. “Ever burned yourself? Nerves relayed the info to your brain. Pain resulted,” I explain. “Had a toothache? Nerves. Had stomach ache, headache, […]

“The Relationship Is the Leash”

Driving home last night, I happened upon one of my favorite pastors’ sermons. Tony Evans was talking about our connection to Christ and he said, in regards to a man walking his dog without a leash, “the relationship is the leash.” And I hollered, “Preach, Dr. Evans!” perhaps a bit too loudly.

Especially on Rainy Days

I used to love rainy days. I don’t mean that I loved them like a professional adult, book in one hand and coffee in the other,  curled up under a blanket in my reading chair, cat beside me. On the contrary. Not too long ago, I jumped in puddles, spun in the raindrops and looked up to watch the drops […]

I Love LGBTQ People (and Everybody Else, Too)

If this is shocking, my bad. I thought you knew. GET THIS So I just read in For the Love (Jen Hatmaker, 2015) that according to statistics and research, young adults are leaving the Church in droves due to Christians being a defensive, cliquish bunch of consumerists who are hostile toward the gay community and are arrogant science-haters who care […]

My Good Life

Ten years ago I wore a size 8, sometimes a 6, and I weighed under 150 pounds. I did 7 yoga classes a week, usually in the span of 5 days, and they weren’t all Yin. My blonde hair had natural highlights and my skin did not sag. I loved being the mom of two high-school kids. I supported their […]

How God Activated My Desire to Read the Bible

May, 2004: That morning I sat on my back porch, Bible in hand, having just sold a business I had started with a non-believer. A disagreement ended in me selling my half of the company to her, and I had a few months to “find myself” before kicking my new business into high gear.

Going into a business relationship with a non-believer four years earlier, I’d had thought “Shauna, you’re playing with fire,” but at the time, I didn’t know that soft, sure voice was the Holy Spirit. I thought it was simple anxiety over making a life change.