Family and Friends

My crazy family…what can I say? I adore them all, from my high-school sweetheart who’s hopelessly addicted to baseball, chocolate, and firearms, to my adorable daughter and bff, her adorable daughter (cannot get enough of Gracie Belle) and her cute-as-a-bug, EMT husband. My son is becoming one of my heroes — who knew that could happen? And his wife is an absolute jewel! Together, they’re realtors and adventurers in East Texas.

The newest additions to our family aren’t babies! They’re a young woman who aged out of foster care and her precious son. We’ve adopted them and are PROUD to be their forever and ever and ever family.

My mother — strong, supportive to the max, hard working, and so kind. And my daddy. His sweet spirit and love of nature have provided fun and nurturing all my life. I love them all: grandparents, aunts, uncles, in-laws, cousins. Each holds a tiny bit of my heart.

Church and Organizations

I’m happy to be part of Fellowship of the Parks, North Fort Worth. All the folks there are so friendly and they totes love Jesus — just like me!

I also have a couple of prayer partners who appreciate great coffee and serious prayer. Our God always comes through!

My passion ministry is Unfaulted, an organization that helps young women who’ve aged out of foster care. My husband and I adopted a daughter and grandson through Unfaulted, and we don’t know what we’d do without them!

Currently, I am the Education Director. With the help of others, I’m writing a curriculum that we present each week to the members of Unfaulted, our precious girls. Classes cover health, job preparation, higher education, car care, and much more. I also created and manage the organization’s website,

Work and Home

I own Identiwrite Creative, a dental marketing and copywriting agency that serves dentists and dental-related businesses in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and other English-speaking nations. God has blessed me by allowing my natural talent — writing — to also be my career.

And home. I love my home! Cooking, decorating, caring for my growing family, supporting my main squeeze, and even helping my Roomba, Rosie, clean the house…these things keep me busy. Gardening can be fun, but it’s difficult when my body says NO to physical labor. But I’m trying! I love hanging out with my indoor and outdoor pets on the patio.


In mid-2005, I began having gall bladder attacks while on a family vacation. Great timing, huh? I wouldn’t have health insurance until January 2006, so I pretty much put up with the pain until then. I had my gall bladder removed and all was well, for about a week. Pain sent me to the ER, and when I provided a uring sample, it was red. Red? Yes! Not blood, but biliruben, which indicated that I’d retained a stone.

Long story short, seven days, one surgery, one painful freak-out, and a bout of pancreatitis later I was released. The pain was supposed to subside, but instead it just moved around my body. Strange, I know. I thought I was crazy, and a few of my doctors did, too.

So today, I’ve had fibromyalgia and IBS for four years.

My GP and pain management doctors provide counsel and drugs, but nothing heavy. I’ve gained 45 lbs and tend to sleep a lot, then not at all, then a lot…and I still have roaming pains. Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion, so I’ve been poked, prodded, and tested, and I have no known condition that should be causing my issues. IBS, as well, is a diagnosis of exclusion, so same story different tune.

In addition, I suffer from lower back pain. Injections, nerve burning, and the next step is a spinal stimulator. I’ll document that adventure for you!

My hope is that by writing about fibromyalgia instead of reading the same questions and answers on Facebook boards, I might help fellow patients and healthcare researchers, even doctors, learn more about fibro. Symptoms vary from person to person, and while being a fibro patient isn’t unique, my journey is.