I Know a Place

I’m a word person. I love letters and the sounds they make, and how those sounds influence meaning in conversation and composition. Hard sounds provoke strong emotions, sharp and harsh and necessary. Soft sounds make words flow and dance with peaceful elegance. I love how short sentences convey fast action, choppy thoughts, and speed, while long sentences elicit a trailing […]

“The Relationship Is the Leash”

Driving home last night, I happened upon one of my favorite pastors’ sermons. Tony Evans was talking about our connection to Christ and he said, in regards to a man walking his dog without a leash, “the relationship is the leash.” And I hollered, “Preach, Dr. Evans!” perhaps a bit too loudly.

Especially on Rainy Days

I used to love rainy days. I don’t mean that I loved them like a professional adult, book in one hand and coffee in the other,  curled up under a blanket in my reading chair, cat beside me. On the contrary. Not too long ago, I jumped in puddles, spun in the raindrops and looked up to watch the drops […]

I Love LGBTQ People (and Everybody Else, Too)

If this is shocking, my bad. I thought you knew. GET THIS So I just read in For the Love (Jen Hatmaker, 2015) that according to statistics and research, young adults are leaving the Church in droves due to Christians being a defensive, cliquish bunch of consumerists who are hostile toward the gay community and are arrogant science-haters who care […]

How God Activated My Desire to Read the Bible

May, 2004: That morning I sat on my back porch, Bible in hand, having just sold a business I had started with a non-believer. A disagreement ended in me selling my half of the company to her, and I had a few months to “find myself” before kicking my new business into high gear.

Going into a business relationship with a non-believer four years earlier, I’d had thought “Shauna, you’re playing with fire,” but at the time, I didn’t know that soft, sure voice was the Holy Spirit. I thought it was simple anxiety over making a life change.